Vision Statement

We are a grateful people of God called to carry out His holy purpose. Guided by scripture, we boldly and joyfully proclaim that our faith is in the eternal God, that our savior Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives, and that we rely upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Looking within our Church walls

  • We rely on the power of prayer, share in joyful expressions of worship, and teach one another;
  • We lovingly care for one another, encourage one another, and honor the uniqueness of each person's gifts.

Looking outside our Church walls

  • We minister creatively to those who work in downtown Chattanooga, and make a difference in our neighborhood;
  • We accept human diversity, meet people where they are, and serve their needs, knowing that we are all children of a loving God.

We are a sanctuary of peace and a source of spiritual inspiration. Our actions show that God's light shines through our missions here and in the entire world.