Second Presbyterian church is committed to missions, including local service projects and programs as well as local and other benevolences and world-wide ministries. 

World Missions

We promote within our congregation the cause of world missions.

We cooperate with the General Assembly Divisions in their work of national and international missions.

We promote and support all appropriate homes, colleges, seminaries, and other institutions affiliated with the courts of our denomination.

We encourage the congregation to join together in support of a missionary in the international field by praying for the missionary, 2 way communication with the missionary, and providing financial support to the missionary.

Local Missions and Service

We identify and recognize needs in our immediate neighborhood and within our city and county to which our congregation may properly respond.

We plan, implement, and coordinate various ways and means by which our church can assist in alleviating the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves.

We actively engage in establishing the church's concern for our neighbors and develop objectives and methods whereby the individual chuch member and the corporate church may respond.

We explore the needs of those individual and famillies who turn to us for help, and where appropriate, render responsible assistance.