Second Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir


The Chancel Choir at Second Presbyterian Church provides musical leadership in the Sunday morning services. They perform formal sacred music of various styles written by composers who were inspired to create works of art that communicate and teach God's word in a manner that amplifies the emotional content of the text. They take the task of preparing and leading the choral musical offering seriously while at the same time having fun and enjoying each other's fellowship. The choir rehearses on Sunday mornings  at 9:30 AM with their organist David Friberg and their director Dr. Kevin Ford. They welcome new members by brief audition at any time. 


Second Presbyterian Church Children's Choir

Children bring an enthusiasm and joy to the worship service.  The goal of the Christian Education Department and the Music Ministry is to provide each child with ways to effectively worship God.  Hymns and music are chosen carefully, with the knowledge that these words often stay with children for life.  Fundamental music skills such as reading music, rhythm, dynamics, harmony, whole and half steps, repeat signs, and many more are emphasized.  The children learn what it means to participate in worship as well as serve their church.  Children learn discipline, cooperation and teamwork as well as gain self-confidence and poise.  The children are encouraged to make a joyful sound of praise through music as they worship God!


Second Presbyterian Church Fifth Sunday Choir


The Second Presbyterian Church Fifth Sunday Choir is made of volunteer church members who come together only in the months with five Sundays in them.  They meet the fifth Sunday morning  at 9:30 AM to rehearse for Sunday morning service.  This choir is perfect for those who love to sing but cannot commit to the weekly rehearsal schedule of the Chancel Choir.