Vision Statement

In gratitude for God's goodness we seek to proclaim, boldly and joyfully, in word and deed, the good news of God's gracious love for the world.

We acknowledge that our faith is a gift from God, that our Savior Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives and that we rely upon the guidance of Scripture and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

As we gather as God's people, we will seek to

  • Rely on the power of prayer
  • Share in joyful expressions of worship
  • Listen and learn from one another
  • Care for and encourage one another and
  • Honor each person's unique gifts

As we go forth into the world, we will seek to

  • Minister lovingly to our neighbors in downtown Chattanooga and beyond and strive to meet needs based on the foundational truth that we are all sons and daughters of a loving God.

We seek to honor the faithfulness of more than a century of ministry in our community by being a sanctuary of peace, a source of spiritual inspiration, and a revelation of God's light in our neighborhood and in the world.