Presbyterian Women

This past year (April 2021-April 2022) the mission giving of PW at 2nd was over $3,000.00. That amount does not include the 2021 Birthday Offering of $960.00 or the 2021 Thank Offering of $1,570.00 that our PW raised with your help. These  total amounts are sent to the National PW to support programs selected by the National PW committee. PW also raised $3000.00 for our special international “Garden Wells” project to celebrate the 150th birthday of 2nd Presbyterian! PW supports MISSION!

Thank you for giving to the work of PW at Second  Presbyterian Church. Your support helps to meet needs here at home and all around the world!

A little about Sarah-
     Sarah Quattrochi is the part-time Director of Development for Welcome Home of Chattanooga. She attends Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Brainerd where she is the part-time Youth and Community Engagement Director. Through her church work she directs Bridge Chattanooga, an outdoor adventure program for students at Dalewood Middle School.

We are excited to welcome Sarah to the pulpit on May 15.


The Presbyterian Women of Second Church are active in many aspects of church life, including planning and hosting various meals and receptions, and decorating the church on special occasions. The organization makes monetary donations itself to worthy recipients and spearheads church-wide monetary drives as well as the collection of items to selected recipients, both local and international. Presbyterian women often work behind the scenes, so that many things that seem to "just get done" are the result of the devotion and hard work of the women in our church.

All Presbyterian women are invited to join our Presbyterian Women's Circle, which meets the first Monday of each month at 10:30 AM. The Silent Circle does not meet, but performs special duties when called.