Children's Church


Welcome to Second Presbyterian Church!

We are thrilled to have you worship with us. At Second Presbyterian Church we welcome children of all ages in the worship service.

Most parents of young children choose to bring their little ones into the first 15 minutes or so of church to enjoy the power of collective worship, before they are dismissed to children's church.

If you prefer, however, you are welcome to leave your children in our nursery/pre-school rooms throughout the church hour, as they participate in age appropriate activities.

Whichever you choose, we are glad you have chosen Second Presbyterian Church!

Our Nursery

Leaving your baby in a new environment can be an anxious experience for both parents and children. At Second Presbyterian Church we understand this. Our nursery staff is made up of two paid employees who are there each week to care for your baby. 

Of course, your baby is unique, and we want to know what his/her needs might be. Each Sunday, when you drop off your child, you will fill out an information sticker notifying us of feeding instructions and other special needs for your baby. This sticker also serves as a security system for your child. You can read more about that in our Security Policy at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your most cherished gift. We look forward to watching and helping your child grow in God's love.

Our Twos and Threes

Children this age love to play. At Second Presbyterian Church, our two and three year old room is designed to teach God's love through song and interactive play. Hands-on play is the best way to reinforce learning in young children, that's why after reading a Bible story to the class our teachers guide the children in different ways of acting it out. The children love it!

Second Presbyterian Church provides small snacks of animal crackers, Cheez-its, etc. each week to keep little ones from getting hungry. Most parents like to send a sippy cup for their children to keep with them during Sunday school and church.

What an exciting time in your children's lives as they learn of the glory of God's love for them. We look forward to taking part in this life long journey of faith.

Our Pre-School

For four and five year olds, the world is full of discovery. The lessons they learn at this age last a lifetime. Repetition, however, is key to making these lessons last. That's why our pre-school lessons often stretch over an entire month, giving the children a chance to really learn a story from the Bible through different crafts and activities.

At Second Presbyterian Church, we also know that children will remember anything if they learn it in a song. Twice a month, our pre-school and elementary children gather before church to sing and dance to Bible songs, old and new. They love it, and better yet, they remember it!

We feel that children this age are ready to start learning some Bible verses. We encourage them to learn a monthly Bible verse that is age appropriate. 

It is a joy for us to watch these children grow in the assurance of God's love for them.

Our Elementary Students

At Second Presbyterian Church, our elementary students take part in what we call the One Room School House. These students learn stories of the Bible, as well as how to use the Bible for their own study. The weekly lessons are reinforced with group and individual projects. This hands-on learning helps the children retain what they learn in Sunday school.

Twice a month, the elementary students join our pre-school children in learning Bible songs, old and new. It's a great way to get them moving, playing and singing about God's love for them.

Our Youth

The middle school Sunday School class is led by Mr. Rick Rushworth and the high school class is led by Mrs. Suzanne Rushworth. Both leaders greatly enjoy the opportunity to teach in this setting. Visitors are always welcome. Classes meet upstairs! Newcomers are encouraged to ask any greeter to show them the way to class!

Security Policy

Parents of children ages infant through kindergarten are asked to complete an information sticker for their child each Sunday. (If you have more than one child you will need to complete a sticker for each child.) These numbered stickers have a matching half, much like the security bracelets in maternity wards, that is given to the parent. When you pick your child up after church, our child care workers will check to see that the numbers on your sticker match those on the sticker we have given your child. We hope this offers you peace of mind in knowing that your child will be returned to you and no one else.